Repo permission not migration after domain change

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Anku Sharma created an issue


As an organization, we are changing the domain from to But when I changed the domain of scm-manger all the user and group permission gone from all the repos. Could you please let me know how we can fix this issue.

We are using scm-manger for mecurial HG and it has 1.46 version installed.


Anku Sharma

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner
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    This is really strange, because scm-manager has not much interest in the domain. Could you describe how you changed the domain?

  2. Anku Sharma reporter

    I went to config>Generel>LDAP Authentication and change the domain from the old one to new one. The entire user in new domain is able to login into the scm-manager but after login they can't see any repo. However admin user is able to see all the repo but whenever select any repo as admin user and go to permission tab, showing blank. All the users and groups permission are gone which are there before old domain. Once we revert back to old domain, all the users & group permission to repo are as it is. Kindly find the attached screenshot for more detail regarding domain change.

    You need to setup 2 windows domain to test the same. Please check and let me know how we can migrate domain with repo permission to users & groups as it is. Else I have to create an excel sheet and need to note down all the users and group permission of each and every repo one by one.


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