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Issue #114 resolved

RepositoryHandler is not configured

created an issue

I am ready to deploy our Mercurial repository onto our production box after testing on my workstation. Now - things that were working locally are not working on that machine.


Problem accessing /scm/hg/EveryScape. Reason:

RepositoryHandler is not configured

Caused by:

sonia.scm.ConfigurationException: RepositoryHandler is not configured at sonia.scm.repository.AbstractSimpleRepositoryHandler.getDirectory(AbstractSimpleRepositoryHandler.java:264) at sonia.scm.web.HgCGIServlet.process(HgCGIServlet.java:230) at sonia.scm.web.HgCGIServlet.service(HgCGIServlet.java:178)

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  1. cdoucette reporter
    • changed status to new

    Something is wrong with my installation/configuration because even when I login as scmadmin, I am unable to edit the general configuration or repository types configuration (via the website).

    I was able to edit the configuration file in a text editor.

    When I provided the location of the HgBinary - it no longer crashed (but it doesn't work yet).

    Now I am attempting to install the Mercurial python files/libraries. However - before then - in order to install those files, I need to install a C compiler (I believe you recommended VS2008). I am doing that now. I assume after those are both complete - it will work. I'll let you know.

  2. cdoucette reporter

    After I built and installed the Mercurial modules for Python, and I referenced Python 2.7 binary from the hg configuration, my server is now working again (I can view the repository locally and clone it remotely). The only remaining issue is that I can't edit the configuration when I start up a web browser (IE) locally. This is probably due to security settings. When I view that same web page remotely - I am able to edit the configuration. Thus - I would mark this issue closed/resolved.

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