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Hi, This is the first time I'm working with something like this. My problem is my superior said he wanted to make scm-manager a service working with the AD credentials, and he said to me to create a Virtual machine with Windows Server 2k8 for tests.

I downloaded scm-manager and installed the AD in the Windows Server.

My question: To connect the scm to the AD I must use ldap plug-in right? If not what should I use?

and if yes... I don't understand the configuration of the plug-in. I've been wandering from post to post but i believe that I've became more confused that I was in the beginning.

Can someone help me? Sorry about my bad English

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Yes, you have to use the ldap plugin, because the AD-Plugin work only for 32Bit machines and i think win 2008 is 64Bit only. Install the Ldap-Plugin and choose the "ActiveDirectory" Profile and test the following settings:

    • Base DN: is build from your domain name for example: is dc=example,dc=com
    • Connection DN: Leave the field empty for anonymous bind
    • Connection Password: Leave the field empty for anonymous bind
    • Host URL: ldaps:yourservername:636
    • Enabled: true

    After configuration click save and Test Connection. This settings should work with the most AD setups.

    Next time please use the mailing list (!forum/scmmanager) for a question like this.

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