Add Sub-Repository Support for Git

Issue #121 resolved
created an issue

First off, SCM-Manager is absolutely amazing, great work!

I'd like to request support for sub repositories for git.

Thanks! James

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    SCM-Manager has a partial support for git submodules. Here is a short example:

    scm-cli-client create-repository -t git -n issue-121/main
    scm-cli-client create-repository -t git -n issue-121/sub-1
    git init main
    git remote add origin http://localhost:8080/scm/git/issue-121/main
    git submodule add http://localhost:8080/scm/git/issue-121/sub-1
    git commit -m 'added submodule sub-1'
    git push origin master
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