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Issue #127 invalid

Import Repositories doesn't have any useable UI

Anonymous created an issue

Click Import Repositories. Select the Mercurial checkbox. Click OK

The dialog changes slightly to show an empty table and that is all. How do you import a repository?

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    The repository import imports only repositories which are located in the repository directory (.scm/repositories/hg, .scm/repositories/git or .scm/repositories/svn). But the simplest way to import a mercurial repository is the following:

    hg clone http://server/path repo
    cd repo
    hg push http://scm-server/scm/hg/repo
  2. NeoMachine

    Indeed, when opening Import Repositories dialog, table that follows gives nothing but confusion. What should be there? How to import the repository? Some help button would be very nice to see there.

    p.s. and thanks for a great product!

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