improvements to scm-server start script

Issue #145 resolved
Marcel Huber
created an issue

Based on current experience using the supplied scm-server/bin/scm-server script I would suggest the following changes to simplify site specific adjustements. (see attached file)

  1. allow sourcing in /etc/default/scm-server when available {{{ +[ -r /etc/default/scm-server ] && . /etc/default/scm-server BASEDIR=(cd "$BASEDIR"; pwd) }}} This allows site specific settings when directly using the script as /etc/init.d/ script.

  2. auto generate parts of the CLASSPATH which change between releases {{{ -CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH_PREFIX:"$BASEDIR"/conf:"$REPO"/scm-server-1.14.jar:"$REPO"/commons-daemon-1.0.10.jar:... +CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH_PREFIX:"$BASEDIR"/conf:find "${REPO}" -type f -name '*.jar' | tr '\n' ':' }}}

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I agree with point one, but why you want to generate the classpath dynamically in the script? The classpath is automatically generated by a maven plugin during the build. I think it would be a better praxis to use a much more simpler script for the init directory which calls the scm-server script, because the script could change in a future release (more than just the classpath).

  2. Marcel Huber reporter

    Thanks for incorporating the /etc/default idea.

    You are probably right, creating another wrapper script around yours would have been the best solution.

    Point two is not needed anymore if point one is included.

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