Users should be able to access their own information in the rest API

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A user should be able to retreive their own information from <SCM-Manager Base URL>/api/rest/users/<username>.<json|xml> even if they are not an administrator. They should of course not be able to see the all users one, but the ability to retrieve their own would be useful.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    A user could get informations of his account by using the authentication endpoint:

    <SCM-Manager Base URL>/api/rest/authentication.<json|xml>

    But there is a bug with basic authentication on this endpoint. You have to use the form based authentication. Here is an example with curl:

    curl http://localhost:8080/scm/api/rest/authentication/login.xml --data 'username=scmadmin&password=scmadmin'

    This will return a xml or json scmstate object which contains the current user object.

    I will fix the basic authentication with the next version, but i will not change the rules for the user endpoint. The user endpoint is only for administrators.

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