Mercurial hook url not working with self signed certificates

Issue #170 resolved
Lukas Wöhrl
created an issue

SCM Manager can't find hg hook url The following error occurs

{{{ 10:40:55.060 [qtp600795369-23] WARN sonia.scm.repository.HgHookManager - hook url https://server:8080/hook/hg/ from request does not work, try now localhost 10:40:55.089 [qtp600795369-23] WARN sonia.scm.repository.HgHookManager - localhost hook url https://localhost:8080/hook/hg/ does not work, try now from configured base url 10:40:55.113 [qtp600795369-23] ERROR sonia.scm.repository.HgHookManager - disabling mercurial hooks, because hook url https://server:8080/hook/hg/ seems not to work }}}

I have set the scm-webapp contextPath to "/" instead of "/scm" that is needed to don't break the old urls. Push/Pull works normaly

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner
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    You are using a http reverse proxy with configured ssl in front of scm-manager, is this correct? If you do so, please enter the full qualified url to your proxyserver in the base url at "Config->General Settings" and enable force base url.

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