Error Importing Hg Repository

Issue #173 resolved
Bryan Cook
created an issue

See: Error_20120605_1608EST.txt (attached)

I'm trying to import a Mercurial repository using the web interface but I'm encountering an error. I've thrown the files into //home/repositories/hg// and added the following to my //hgrc //...

{{{ [hooks] changegroup.scm = python:scmhooks.callback pretxnchangegroup.scm = python:scmhooks.callback }}}

... but still not having any luck.

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    By the way you could create a new repository and push the content to the new one.

    java -jar scm-cli-client-1.16-jar-with-dependencies.jar create-repository -n frenchtomato -t hg
    cd oldrepo
    hg push http://localhost:8080/scm/hg/frenchtomato
  2. Bryan Cook reporter

    My hgrc is as follows, (this was prior to any attempts at importing) ...

    contact = Bryan Cook
    description = French Tomato
    allow_archive = gz, zip, bz2
    push_ssl = false
    allow_read = *
    allow_push = *
    changegroup.scm = python:scmhooks.callback
    pretxnchangegroup.scm = python:scmhooks.callback

    I've found ways around it (one being the one you mentioned), so it's not preventing me from establishing a repository. I've been exploring all the features of SCM-Manager, encountered this issue when playing with importing and figured I'd bring it to your attention.

  3. Bryan Cook reporter

    @Sebastian Sdorra Works just fine! I was able to import the repository without error, the repository shows a blank value for Contact on the web interface. A small thing, the import didn't pickup on the ...

    allow read = *

    ... and mark the repository as Public .. perhaps this could be an enhancement? Thanks!

    @DRayX No, that data looks to be stored in SCM_HOME/config/repositories.xml.

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