HTTP Error: 400 on pulls, with workaround

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We have a mercurial repository setup on a server in our local network. Every now and then when the developers to pull they get this error message: http authorization required realm: SONIA :: SCM Manager HTTP Error: 400 (Bad Request) [command returned code 255 Fri Jun 08 11:53:46 2012]

We are able to get around this by changing the path to the remote repository from http to local and accessing it that way. After we do a pull in this method, we can successfully pull using HTTP. We were on SCM 1.4, but just upgraded to 1.6 and still have the issue. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem.

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    It is possible that you create an bitbucket account? because the notification system of bitbucket does not notify on anonymous comments. Why do you make a upgrade to version 1.6, why you do not upgrade to version 1.16?

  2. Stephen Kish
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    • changed version to 1.6

    We use TortoiseHg to pull from the scm webapp. Here is the tortoise console output log for a failed pull:

    % hg --repository C:\Projects\Initech pull --verbose http://northampton8:8080/scm/hg/Initech HTTP Error: 404 (Not Found) [command returned code 255 Mon Jun 11 08:27:41 2012].

    The scm-manager.log file doesn't show anything on the failed pull.

  3. Stephen Kish

    Not sure why those changed, I didn't manually do it. My apologies but that error from earlier was for a different cause, the one we were getting is usually a 400. Next time it happens I will add a comment with the actual log.

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