Validation of user/group in repository permissions tab

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Marcel Huber
created an issue

It would be useful to validate if a user/group really exists when adding it to a repository. Even a look up within LDAP/AD/InternalDB should not be too time consuming as it is a specific search.

Additionally, the group checkbox could then be obsoleted as it could be determined by the response of the lookup request from above - except for identically named users or groups.

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  1. Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

    ValidationChecker for users would be great too, regarding ticket #364 it would be nice to have a mask where I can get information about:

    a) what permission (restriction) causes my current (restricted) permissions (missing groups, etc.)

    b) a note which administrator should be asked for help if there are permission problems

    model: atlassian permission helper:

    This issue also relates to / needs / is blocked by #55

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