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Issue #186 resolved

Not enough permission error - SVN

Anonymous created an issue

Can anybody help me how to setup Path Write Protection in SCM Manager? I always got the error "not enough permission" when writing to my svn repository. I have no luck finding a tutorial or proper way to set the "path" in Path Write Protection tab of the SCM Manager.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    There is a lack of documentation. I will try to fix this in the next days.

    You have to use a star operator to protect a complete folder e.g.:

    PathNameGroup PermissionDescription
    *scmadminfalseuser scmadmin has write access to the whole repository
    trunk/*developmenttruegroup development has write access to the trunk directory
    trunk/joe.txtjoefalseuser joe has write access to the file trunk/joe.txt
  2. Raymund Sapon

    Thank you for the info Sebastian. All the settings work except for the write access for the whole repository. Setting the path to * does not seem to give write permission to the user, I still get the "not enough permission error". I can give write access for a trunk directory but not on the whole repository. Am I missing something? The user I am giving write access to is the owner of the repository.

  3. Raymund Sapon

    Thank you sebastian, the problem is now solved. It was the problem of my SVN client and not of the plugin, sorry for that. I am now closing this thread. I will set the path to * for now and will wait for your next release of the plugin. By the way how am I gonna apply the update to my existing plugin? Is there a tutorial for that? Sorry for so many inquiries, I am still newbie to ubuntu.

  4. Raymund Sapon

    Hi Sebastian,

    I am still having problems with the pathwp-plugin. Still getting not enough permission errors when setting a write permission for a user and a group. My settings are as follows: path = DocCollector/* name=core_developers IsGroup=checked.

    I have attached a part of the trace log. I hope you could shed some light for me on this.


    Raymund Sapon

  5. Raymund Sapon

    Hi Sebastian,

    If I give write access to the group, will the restriction still be enforced. Meaning will they still not be able to write to other folders if they are not given permission in the Path Write Protection Tab?


    Raymund Sapon

  6. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Yes, the restriction will be enforced. You have to grant write access for every user/group, which should be write to a file or folder. SCM-Manager will abort each write access to a repository before the pathwp-plugin runs, if the user has no write access (permission tab) to the repository. After SCM-Manager has checked the write permission, the pathwp-plugin will check the permissions from the "Path write protect" tab.

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