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Dekstrin Gol
created an issue

Initially, the Jenkins-plugin automatically launch the assembly after using the command "hg push" (Mercurial repository). This is very good, but he starts the assembly of only one specific project, for one branch, and what if we have more then one branch and accordingly, more then one Jenkins-project for one Mercurial repository?

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  1. Dekstrin Gol reporter

    12:32:07.026 [Thread-1158] WARN sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsHook - jenkins configuration for repository TestHeads is not valid 12:32:07.053 [Thread-1158] INFO sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsGlobalHookHandler - request returned 200

  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Did you see log lines like the following?

    DEBUG sonia.scm.repository.RepositoryHookTask - execute async POST_RECEIVE hook sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsHook for repository scm-manager
    DEBUG sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsGlobalHookHandler - check for global jenkins hook: type=hg, hg disabled=false, git disabled=false
    DEBUG sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsGlobalHookHandler - try to access url
    DEBUG - fetch ''
    INFO  sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsGlobalHookHandler - request returned 200
  3. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    No mercurial hook will work. Because you have a syntax error in the file /usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/

      File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/", line 15
        def hook(ui, repo, **kwargs):

    And the forbid_2heads hook seems to be invalid. Please remove all custom mercurial hooks for testing.

  4. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Looks good for me. SCM-Manager have successfully called the Jenkins url. I think there is something wrong with your jenkins configuration. Have you configured polling for each repository which should be build after a change? You could call the notifyCommit url of the log manually with a browser. The mercurial plugin of jenkins should show you a list of jobs which are scheduled for polling.


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