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Is it possible to create multiple instances of SCM-Manager? End how I would do these instances? Thank you very much!

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  1. Anonymous

    Because I need to separate the repositories, for example: repositories X: A B repositories Y: C D repositories Z: E F

    Thank you!

  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    For running multiple instances on the same machine, do the following steps:

    • Each instance have to use a own scm-home directory. Edit bin/scm-server and search the line:
    • And replace it with something like this:
    EXTRA_JVM_ARGUMENTS="-Dlogback.configurationFile=logging.xml -Dscm.home=/var/scm/instance1"
    • Each instance have to use its own port. Edit the conf/server-config.xml and search the line:
              <SystemProperty name="jetty.port" default="8080" />
    • And replace the port with a new free port
  3. Anonymous

    My situation is that I need that one person is responsible for each area of repositories. This person can only create repositories for this area.

    I'll try to do what you said.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank Sabastian, worked perfectly! However I have one more question, can I create two profiles of administrators? Administrator 1: all permissions configuration; Administrator 2: not allowed to change the configuration of the scm manager only has permission to create repositories and users;

    Thank you so much!

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