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Daniel Jilg
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I'm trying to use scm-manager with the Active Directory plugin. I've installed it, but could not find any configuration options in the UI. Could you please give me some pointers where I should go next in order to get this to work?

So far I've done the following, on a freshly installed Windows 7 VM:

  • downloaded scm-manager, ran scm-server/bin/scm-server.bat to start the server
  • logged in, installed the active directory plugin
  • added the virtual machine's windows to our local domain
  • restarted the server
  • created a test git repository
  • tried to log into the repository using LocalUsername, DomainUsername and Domain\DomainUsername

none of those worked. Help me please?

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  1. Daniel Jilg reporter

    Hi, thanks for answering.

    Sadly, I'm not able to login as domain user. Which format should I use for the login?

    • Domain\DomainUser
    • or just DomainUser
  2. Daniel Jilg reporter

    It works! The difference is that I ran the server as a domain user instead of a local user.

    Here's my proposal for documenting this:

    How To: Active Directory Plugin

    The AD plugin requires that you run the scm-manager server on windows.

    • Connect your Windows machine to your local Active Directory
    • Log in as a user of that directory
    • Run the scm-server batch file
    • Install the active-directory plugin

    Thanks btw, scm-manager is great.

  3. Anonymous

    How can I login to a remote active directory? Should it work in same way?

    I'm not able to login. For instance if my domain is:

    My login will be example.comusername ? :S And how should I add to the users?

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