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Ilya Arefiev
created an issue

As I understand, grouping feature creates directory and repositories inside group directory. For existing repositories it doesn't work. It would be useful, if repository grouping would be implemented as interface feature.

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  1. pmv

    I agree it would have been nice if grouping could have been more of a tag or metadata instead of an actual directory. My ideal would be something similar to Jenkins' view concept. Keep the directory structure flat, and then allow arbitrary grouping for the UI. This would allow a repository to be in multiple views (or groups, if you want to keep that term). Also, if you have a bunch of repositories, maybe eventually users could even define their own views (so they would only see the repositories they care about).

    Not a deal breaker, so I agree priority is minor, but since the discussion started I thought I'd add my $0.02

  2. olze

    something new about this? is it implemented in 1.17+? if so, how to use it? is it a plugin now or is it somewhere in the core? i did not find anything about this in the core system. because this is a great feature for multi-module projects.

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