Git repo is only accessible when user has administrator rights

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I have 2 users, one is the administrator for that repo and one should only read it (jenkins). When jenkins tries to access the repo its not working, until i set the flag administrator, then the checkout works as expected.

jenkins is in the group readers (which can only read) and my user (lets call him userA) is in the developers group which has write access to the repo.

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  1. Anonymous

    Can be closed as invalid. I come from gitstack which directly stores informations when hitting enter (eg. when adding a user to a group). The user jenkins simply was not in the group readers, but userA was not in the developers group too, but had administrator rights and was therefore able to checkout.

    Btw. it would be nice to have documentation about the jenkins plugin. Because the only information i have is: it pings a url? All informations in the git repository are entered but i see nothing happening when i push a change. No idea what to change, where to change, what to do, ...


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