Notify plugin does not work for mercurial

Issue #210 resolved
tom krossner
created an issue

Notify plugin does not work for changed hg repository. Git works fine. The output shows no smtp entries- maybe the hook is not fired. Is there a option for this ?

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  1. tom krossner reporter

    Hello Philip, thanks for your work! I have updated to 1.1.7. The notification plugin is now working with http. But now is https not working. It is possible to clone a repository but not pushing to it. Where is my fault?

    • The certificate is selfsigned.
    • the host is linux
    • client win 7, hg version 2.2.2
  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    I think the problem is the pre/post receive hook from mercurial back to scm-manager. It looks like that your python does not like your certificate. How did you generate the certificate? Is the python 2.7 64 Bit the only python installation on your system? Or could you test another python?

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