Mercurial pull/push problem

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hyltonpeimer created an issue

He are experiencing a problem where a specific user is not able to pull/push to an hg repository via SCM Manager.

The problem is reported on the client side as an HTTP error.

Other users of the repository have no such problems.

When cloning the repository for the [problem] user, the problem occurs on the new repository.

When we open "hg serve" directly on the server, the user is able to pull/push. Furthermore, after successful pull/push, the user is able to work with SCM Manager as usual.

This issue only has occurred in 1.17.

Please see the attached log.

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    Hi, Occurs the problem with this user from any pc? Or only from a specific machine? I ask that because of the exception "org.apache.catalina.connector.ClientAbortException" in the log. This exception means that the client aborts the connection, which could caused by a network problem.

  2. hyltonpeimer reporter

    The problem has occurred on 2 machines.

    After rebooting computers, and restarting SCM-Manager the problem persisted.

  3. hyltonpeimer reporter

    We have about 15 repositories.

    The problem has occurred on 2 repositories, with 3 separate users.

  4. hyltonpeimer reporter


    The clone operation works.

    What fails is push/pull on the cloned repository.

    This only occurs on the problem computer.

    Unfortunately now - I don't have a computer where this occurs. The problem is not reproducible, but it has only started in the last few weeks. Possibly only after I installed 1.17.

  5. hyltonpeimer reporter

    The problem continues to appear for some users, on one repository in particular.

    hg pull or hg push gives the following result

    HTTP Error 400: Bad Request

    Please see the attached log, I'm not sure if this gives any information.

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