BindException: Address already in use

Issue #220 resolved
Stéphane collot
created an issue


I have an error during the installation. I work with a debian 6.0.5 preconfigurate with Plesk. (this message flied is limited)

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Stephan Christann

    Hello Stephane,

    it seems there is a problem with the availability of the port, because it is already in use. Do you have shell access on this server? You might check which program is responsible by executing:

    netstat -lnvp | grep 8080


    netstat -lnvp shows open ports and the related programs

    grep 8080 filtes the program that is listening on port 8080 which is typical for a webservices server instance of jetty or apache tomcat
  2. Stéphane collot reporter

    That is right, thanks.

    I have restored my system before installing tomcat with Plesk interface, and then I have followed the scm-manager install instruction.

    It works.

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