Git Push fails with "error: unpack failed: error Permission denied"

Issue #225 resolved
Prasanna Kumar Ranjan
created an issue

Below is the log collected from SourceTree. Same error from eGit of Eclipse Juno as well.

However, clone & pull works fine both from SourceTree and EGit.

SourceTree:1.4.4 on iMac with Mountain Lion OS X. EGit: Eclipse Juno (Cocoa 64bit) with EGit 2.0.0 Server:CentOS release 5.6 (Final) SCM-Manager:1.18 (Standalone with LDAP and Activity Plugins) Reverse Proxy: Apache HTTP Server, have configured forward=true

Log: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false push -v --tags origin master:master Pushing to POST git-receive-pack (830 bytes) error: unpack failed: error Permission denied

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  1. Prasanna Kumar Ranjan reporter
    • Okie.. will do that.
    • I actually suspected that and run a chmod 770 for all files of the scm-manager - server, config and data. Anyways will try your suggestion.
    • Adding to that.. just checked the scm-manager log files. Following is the error being logged when I try to push from either of the Git Client:
      • 13:40:07.145 [qtp10351444-21] WARN sonia.scm.web.filter.BasicAuthenticationFilter - username or password is null/empty
    • Is there any specific recommended Git client(Windows/Mac) you recommend to be used with SCM-Manager? From what I've seen many Git client are comfortable with Git protocol than http(s) protocol. Any suggestions would help.
    • Really wish somebody did a Git client as easy as this server! :)
  2. Prasanna Kumar Ranjan reporter
    • I've given WRITE/OWNER permissions for the user with which am trying to do a PUSH
    • I suspect there's some mis-configuration or a bug in the scm-manager server, since its reporting username or password is null
    • Just in case you haven't noticed in the previous comment. Following is the log for each (failed) PUSH in the scm-manager.log on the server:
      • 13:40:07.145 [qtp10351444-21] WARN sonia.scm.web.filter.BasicAuthenticationFilter - username or password is null/empty
    • Thanks for the great support
  3. Stephan Christann


    there were wired behaving clients, that hat some problems with repos, that allowed access by ananymous. Perhaps you can try some other client and maybe you can try to tunr on and off the anonymous access feature just to get a clue whats going on?

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