Windows Hg NullPointerException

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I'm running Windows 2003 x86. Java 1.7.0_05 runtime, Mercurial TortoiseHg 2.4.2 with Mercurial 2.2.3 - x86 Windows. Downloaded SCM-Manager 1.18 Standalone. When starting I get this error: {{{


Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at sonia.scm.repository.HgPyFix.fixHgPy( at sonia.scm.repository.HgRepositoryHandler.init( at sonia.scm.repository.DefaultRepositoryManager.addHandler( at sonia.scm.repository.DefaultRepositoryManager.<init>( at sonia.scm.repository.DefaultRepositoryManager$$FastClassByGuice$$611855f1.newInstance(<generated>)


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  1. Barq Microz

    Fresh installation. I tried c2010ec3372e and it now starts! Problem now is it doesn't have the HG Binary filled in and the Mercurial Settings are all disabled with logging in as scmadmin. I added myself as watcher on the ticket.

  2. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    Mercurial server configurations for windows are very complicated. The simplest way is to use a predefined package:

    Start the wizard at (Config->Repository Types->Mercurial Settings->Start Configuration Wizard) and install one of the predefined packages for windows.

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