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Issue #230 resolved

Unable to add users to a group with administrator privileges

Anonymous created an issue

I'm using the pam plugin and I am able to add and remove the group names, plugins, etc but when I attempt to add other users to a newly created group I get "You have not enough permissions to execute this action."

I also get the same error when trying to add email addresses to repositories using the notification plugin.

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  1. John Celoria

    Interestingly enough, I created a CNAME for the host I was using, generated a SSL cert and put tomcat behind apache and I no longer have the issue? I'm not entirely sure why.

    If you want I can do some more testing but its working as is.

  2. Stephan Christann

    Hello John

    nice, we got a similar setup here. Server Ubuntu 12.04, scm-manager deployed as -war in apache tomcat and apache2 reverse proxy. Maybe Sebastian is interested in the trace log.

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