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Unable to add users to a group with administrator privileges

Anonymous created an issue

I'm using the pam plugin and I am able to add and remove the group names, plugins, etc but when I attempt to add other users to a newly created group I get "You have not enough permissions to execute this action."

I also get the same error when trying to add email addresses to repositories using the notification plugin.

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  1. John Celoria

    My apologies for not sending that out initially!

    Updated to 1.19 war file deployed in tomcat 7.0.25 on RHEL 6.3 with trace logging enabled in logback.xml

  2. John Celoria

    Interestingly enough, I created a CNAME for the host I was using, generated a SSL cert and put tomcat behind apache and I no longer have the issue? I'm not entirely sure why.

    If you want I can do some more testing but its working as is.

  3. Stephan Christann

    Hello John

    nice, we got a similar setup here. Server Ubuntu 12.04, scm-manager deployed as -war in apache tomcat and apache2 reverse proxy. Maybe Sebastian is interested in the trace log.

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