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Unable to set up Active directory authentication

Anonymous created an issue

Hello Friends,

After expending hours trying to setup ActiveDirectory authentication and googleing for some answer to my problem I decide ask you all for help.

Here is what is happening:

I did SCM installation by copying SCM-WAR file to my tomcat7 webapps folder on a Suse 11 Box. Everything works as expected. Tried to setup ActiveDirectory performing following tasks: From de Dropdown box Selected ActiveDirectory Provided Base DN, Connection DN, Connection password, Host URL, Enabled Authentication.

After clicking on Test Connection button I provide valid credentials in the popup dialog and accept. Although I provided a valid Host-URL I still receive following errors: Connection: FAILURE Search user: FAILURE Authenticate user: FAILURE Returned user is valid: FAILURE Exception: localhost:389

But the most important part is the exception showing localhost:389. The important part here is that no matter what host I provide it always tries to connect to localhost:389

Any Clue?

Thanks in advance Jose

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    After a short inspection of the sourcecode, i think it is a bug. The plugin does not take the settings from the form, it uses always the stored ones. A simple workaround is to save your settings before you test. But i will try to fix this.

  2. Jose Jose

    Hi Sebastian,

    Fist thanks for the quick responce. I do have a Bitbucket account I will try the workaround and look forward for the final resolution.



  3. Arun Sangal

    I tried this value for group - thanks.

    In my case, SCM-Manager - under General area, under Ldap Auth ..section,

    Profile: custom Fullname Attribute Name: cn ID Attribute Name: SAMAccountName Mail Attribute Name: mail Group Attribute Name: memberOf Base DN: DC=tsh,DC=mycompany,DC=com Connection DN: CN=First Last,OU=Employee Full-Time,OU=Corporate,DC=Company,DC=com Connection Password: Password_of_First Last_user_as_given_in_cn=value Host URL: Search Filter: (&(SAMAccountName={0})(objectClass=user)) Search Scope: sub (one - didn't work for me). People Unit: Group Unit:

    left blank for last 2. Enabled nested ad groups, enabled "enable/disable ldap" last checkbox.

    Note: if i change scope from sub to one, it didnt work (may be i had to give values like you said for People/Group Unit fields). When I clicked/checked - Use StartTLS encryption - it didnt work.. otherwise, it works finally.

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