SCM-Manager does not work with JBoss/WildFly

Issue #250 open
Sebastian Sdorra
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  1. Sebastian Sdorra reporter

    I've done some more test and i could figure out that jersey is able to find the root resources, if the war file is deployed exploded. Please do the following steps to get a running instance on wildfly 8:

    • stop your server
    • download the following scm-manager version scm-webapp-2014050702.war
    • create a folder called "scm-webapp.war" in your deployment directory
    • extract the downloaded war into this directory
    • create a file called "scm-webapp.war.deployed" in your deployment directory
    • start your server
  2. Luděk Finstrle

    I see the changes are not in current release. This version is quite old. Is it possible to merge it to current version? Unfortunately I have no chance to compile it myself. But I can't use your workaround as I'm using domain mode (no standalone).

    The problem with VFS was fixed in jersey 2.13: I have no clue how problematic is it for you to upgrade from jersey 1.19 to 2.13 (and higher) as it's major upgrade.

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