Issue #252 resolved
Alejandro Santana
created an issue

Hi sebastian, I recently installed pathwp-plugin and it seems to do nothing. Every time i try to commit changes i receive forbidden SVN error. I read the wiki page for this plugin and i have give permissions like this: path:* name:pepe isgroup:false

User pepe is member of a group that have permissions to read the whole repository. My scm-manager server is running under ubuntu server 12.04 and it is set up to access over https and authenticate users from ldap server. User pepe is local(xml) but i also try adding path write protection to ldap users with the same result. Logs don't show any error, they only says Permission Denied for user pepe.

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  1. Alejandro Santana reporter

    Sorry for openning this issue. The problem was not a problem, the fact is user must have write permission in the permission tab to write at least one folder. Now i ask how can i deny access to any folder(without denied complete repository)

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