Clone fails on one specific repository for some users

Issue #254 resolved
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Running under Tomcat, when cloning a Mercurial repository there is a failure (see below).

This error happens only for one particular repository.

Attached are the logs.

C:\dev>hg clone http://server-main-build/hg/server destination directory: server requesting all changes adding changesets adding manifests adding file changes transaction abort! rollback completed abort: connection ended unexpectedly

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  1. Stephan Christann

    Hello Hyltonpeimer,

    thank you for the Please raise the loglevel to trace as mentioned in the FAQ of scm-manager and try again cloning. Maybe this gives an indication of where to search.

  2. hyltonpeimer reporter

    I've switched to the standalone installation with Jetty, and cannot start the Tomcat server now. (Its a production environment). The standalone installation works perfectly. So this issue can be closed, from my perspective.

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