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Tested on a Win7 Pro computer and it worked number one in LAN. But when installing the server on the local server (windows server 2008 R2), I can't access on the local area network. This might be because of the the fact that Windows Servers locks every thing it can in network. I tried unlocking port 80, 8080 and 8090, but that did not allow access from the LAN. Could you please indicate all ports that are used by you're program.

Thank you

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  1. Stephan Christann


    that should be sufficient. I am hosting a SCM-Manager by my own behind 2 firewalls at home. Maybe you should open your firewall on the server (firewall with extended security) and do as follows:

    - click inbound traffic rule - click new rule - custom rule - all programms - next - define under remote ips your lan area .. eg. - finally allow the traffic in the next section

    You should now be able to access every service on this server from your lan

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