How to update SCM-Manager

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jes struck
created an issue

Hey im not sure if the right way to go with this is a issue. but i can't seem to find any real documentation of how to update the SCM-Manager.

is it just to wget the latest .jar file and then overwrite the existing file ?

Or how would you suggest doing this.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Just download the new version, stop the old installation and start the new one. If you have changed settings in the server-config.xml or the logging.xml, then you have to change this settings for the new versions too.

  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    You only have to respect the WEB-INF/ and the WEB-INF/classes/logback.xml. If this files are not changed you can undeploy the old war and deploy the new one. If the files are changed you have to copy those files before the new war is deploy, copy them back after the new one is deployed and restart the application server.

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