Is it possible to have groups collapsed by default or to have a persistent expanded/collapsed state

Issue #268 resolved
Brent Fisher
created an issue

I've been making good use of scm-manager for a few months now and we've recently started using the grouping functionality. The default behavior appears to be that all groups are expanded by default when you log in. It would be nice if there was an option to have them collapsed by default or for the state to be persistent from one session to the next (ie. if I had a group collapsed, it would be collapsed the next time I logged in).

Thanks for all the great work! This is an excellent tool!

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  1. Brent Fisher reporter

    I wasn't expecting such a quick turn-around! :)

    I've installed this and attempted to test but I see no change in behavior. If I collapse/minimize all groups, log out and then log back in, all groups are once again expanded.

    Is there something additional that I should try / check?

    I've tested this using IE9 and Chrome.

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