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Issue #281 resolved

SCM uses proxy for localhost

created an issue


if a proxy server is set in SCM-Manager, it is also used for localhost (IP adress as well) and potentially other local domain hosts, too.

Using the Crowd plugin I get funny messages like this and Crowd users at not able to login until we turn off the proxy:

12:57:42.436 [http-8080-2] WARN sonia.scm.crowd.CrowdAuthenticationHandler - Operation failed: The following URL does not specify a valid Crowd User Management REST service: http://www.localhost.com/

Is it possible to specify a list of domains which should be excluded from the proxy? If not, it would be great to see such a feature in the future. Now we always have to turn on the the proxy to update plugins and turn it of afterwards - for which we need a local scm-admin user.

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