Reintegrate merge fails on second time

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Tobias Dittrich
created an issue

I'm reintegrating a branch into trunk and then keeping the branch alive as described here:

If I then modify the branch and try to reintegrate again, the merge produces spurious merge conflicts.

The same thing works 100% correct if I use a plain svn repository without scm manager.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create new svn repository in scm manager
  • import a trunk and branches folder
  • checkout trunk and create a file and a folder with another file
  • commit trunk
  • branch the trunk
  • checkout the branch and add a line in the file + add a file in the folder with some content
  • commit the branch
  • merge trunk into branch
  • in the checked out trunk update and then reintegrate the branch
  • in the branch now again add a line to the file + add another file with content in the branch
  • commit branch
  • merge trunk into branch and commit
  • reintegrate trunk again -> Conflict (in my case one textual + one tree conflict)
$ svn co http://some.url/scm/svn/repo/trunk/
$ cd trunk/
$ echo foo > bar.txt
$ svn add bar.txt
$ mkdir folder
$ echo foo > folder/bar2.txt
$ svn add folder/
$ svn commit -m "First commit"
$ cd ..
$ svn copy http://some.url/scm/svn/repo/trunk/ http://some.url/scm/svn/repo/branches/dev -m "Branch"
$ svn co http://some.url/scm/svn/repo/branches/dev
$ cd dev/
$ echo foo > bar.txt
$ echo New file >> folder/new.txt
$ svn add folder/new.txt 
$ svn commit -m "Change in branch"
$ svn update
$ svn merge ^/trunk
$ svn commit -m "Merge from trunk"
$ cd ..
$ cd trunk/
$ svn update
$ svn merge --reintegrate ^/branches/dev
$ svn commit -m "Reintegrate dev branch in trunk"
## copy revision number of this commit!
$ cd ..
$ cd dev
$ svn update
$ svn merge --record-only -c XX ^/trunk
## where XX is the number recorded earlier
$ svn commit -m "Record only merge in branch"
$ echo some more text >> bar.txt
$ echo third file > folder/third.txt
$ svn add folder/third.txt 
$ svn commit -m "second edit to branch"
$ svn update
$ svn merge ^/trunk
$ svn commit -m "Merge from trunk"
$ cd ..
$ cd trunk/
$ svn update
$ svn merge --reintegrate ^/branches/dev
## Conflict

At this time I have one text conflict in bar.txt and a tree conflict for folder/new.txt. Note having replayed this another time for verification I got only one tree conflict. I can't see a pattern behind this.

If I do exactly the same steps on a play svn repo with apache in front (ubuntu standard apt-get install) it works absolutely fine.

SCM Manager is 1.22 Powered by SVN/1.7.5 SVNKit/1.7.5-2 ( t20120724_0758 local svn version: svn, Version 1.7.7 (r1393599) Oct 15 2012, 20:38:34

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