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Jason E.
created an issue

Mercurial has the option to change the webpage theme however I am not sure how to accomplish this using scm-manager with the automatically installed option. Do you have any suggestions? We would really like to continue to use our current theme while enjoying your excellent application. Thanks.

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  1. Jason E. reporter

    Perhaps this is useful. I tested it and it works.

    "Themes (known also as styles) can be switched by appending the style=mytheme URL parameter, preceding it with ? or & as appropriate. This should allow you to navigate around the Web interface using the specified theme, although some operations may reset the theme."

  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    You could create a .hgrc file in the home directory of the user which controls the scm-manager process and add set the theme you like. E.g.:

    style = gitweb

    If you want like to use a custom theme, then you should include it in the python search path (Config->Repository Types->Mercurial Settings->Python Module Search Path).

    But note SCM-Manager has its own ui for viewing changesets, browsing the repository and so on. Plugins like scm-gravatar-plugin or scm-authormapping-plugin changes only the ui of SCM-Manager and not the hgweb view.

  3. Jason E. reporter

    In a Windows Environment, with SCM-Manager running on top of Glassfish where would this be?

    Yes however we have many users who are very familiar with the old interface and it would be nice if they had both options available to them.

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