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Issue #298 resolved

The problem with svn, Polish characters

Anonymous created an issue

Welcome. In version 1.22 everything worked very well. I updated to version 1.24 and now I can not update the repository if I use Polish characters such as: ąśćźżęł I use tortoisesvn for Windows. ERRROR: MKCOL z '/scm/svn/test/!svn/wrk/2378bf9a-1a01-0542-8b9b-6cb2a467b439/Wdro%C5%BCenia': Could not read response body: connection was closed by server (http://domain.com:8080) Please help me.

Comments (13)

  1. Michał Kurkiewicz

    So yes, I checked everything and everything works as it should. Thank you very much for this patch! I am glad that with hundereds of these projects can be used as simple and good systems!

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