Could not load items. Server returned status: 500

Issue #301 resolved
Anton Burkun
created an issue

Hi, I put to repositary dir attached mercurial repositary (test.7z) and import it. On try to show commits or source from scm, I get an Error "Could not load items. Server returned status: 500" But I can browse commits and source by browsing repositary from web.

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  1. Anton Burkun reporter

    I created test.7z in windows and it contains Cyrillic letters in file names. In issue #286 was solution to set ISO-8859-9 encoding. As I understand this applies only to representation file names in scm manager?

    Browsing repositary by url, and cloning goes in normal encoding.

  2. Anton Burkun reporter

    Yes, thank you! I set windows-1251 and now all windows repos are fine. But, I think, will be useful to make this setting per each repo. Is it possible to store linux and windows repos in one server.

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