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Daniel Hunziker
created an issue

just started to use scm-manager, great tool! - have some code managed in an old ms-sourcesave system, what is the best way to bring this to scm-manager? - what is the best way in a windows-environment to work togethter using scm-manager? Tortoise HG? What workflow, first create repo localy then go to scm an create one on the server?

Thanks for some help

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    The migration depends on which repository system you would like to use. Because you mentioned Tortoise HG, i think you would like to use mercurial. For the migration of your sourcesafe repositories to mercurial, have a look at:

    The best way for a team in a windows environment, depends on the tools you use. If you use a ide with support for mercurial, i would prefer the tools from the ide. If your ide has no support, then Tortoise HG is a good starting point. I create the repository first on scm-manager and execute the clone command on the client, because this way sets the web.default property to the remote repository.

    Next time please use the mailing list (!forum/scmmanager) for questions like these.

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