manual executed ssh pull does not seem to work

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Matthias Lang
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This is more a question than an issue:

I have mercurial repositories, that I have imported in scm-manager. They are clones from another server, and the intention is, that the clones in scm-manager are just like mirrors. To keep them in sync, I have tried to execute a "hg pull" in the shell for such a repository, but that does not seem to work, it hangs before committing the changes. I think it has something to do with the hooks that scm-manager uses. Is there a possibility to work around this?

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Pull changes is not a good idear, because it bypasses the caching system of scm-manager. The hooks of scm-manager are used to clear the caches, if you bypass the caching system you may not see new data in the ui. However you can execute a pull if you disable the hooks:

    hg --config hooks.changegroup.scm='' --config hooks.pretxnchangegroup.scm='' pull

    But i would prefer a push with a temporary repository:

    hg clone nonscmrepo temp
    cd temp
    hg push http://yourserver:8080/scm/hg/repo
    cd ..
    rm -rf temp
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