master branch creation by default with new repository

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With creation of a new repository, there is no master branch.

With Egit you can't clone an empty repository:

//"Source Git Repository is empty"//

Therefore you have to install mssysgit; init a local repo and push it to your repo created via scm-manager.

If scm-manager could create a master branch, it would be possible to create the local repo within eclipse and push it directly to scm-manager.

No more need (almost) for a native git client.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    I've done tests with some git hosting platforms and all of them create empty repositories. The common way to use a central git repository is the following:

    • create a repository on the server
    • create a repository on the client (with egit)
    • add the location of the server repository as origin (git remote add origin http://...)
    • add and commit some files
    • push the client repository to the server (git push origin master)

    These step should also work with egit.

  2. krazybug reporter

    It works as you describe. I used to clone the server repository, before pushing from local repo under egit but "add the location" solve the issue.

    You can close this ticket.

    Your program is really nice and useful.


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