LDAP-Plugin - When will a AD-User inserted in the SCM-Manager usergroup?

Issue #314 resolved
Jan Baer
created an issue

It's not clear for us, when a AD-User will created as SCM-Manager. I'm running a local instance of the SCM-Manager on my computer. When I try to give access for my personal AD-Account, I see, that my full name will be resolved. But only after I tried to clone an existing repository, my AD-Account is automatically created as an SCM-Manager Account.

When I try this with anoter user from our AD, this user will not be created as SCM User?

How can I give access to any other AD-Users or an AD-usergroup? I've tried to enter the name of a user or a domaingroup in the access list for the repository, but the user can't login.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    This is correct. The account for scm-manager is created at first login. But you can use each username and group name for repository permissions, but the autocompletion will only work after the first login of the user. Note each User from your AD is able to login, so be carefully with your permissions.

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