Issue #322 resolved

Regular users can't create repositories

Dimitris Zarras
created an issue

Hi there.

I've recently updated my SCM Manager installation to version 1.27 and also updated all the plugins as well.

I'm having a problem with the latest version of the userrepo plugin (version 1.4). Before the update everything was working without any problem. After I updated SCM Manager and the plugin only admin users are able to create new repositories. Regular users can't.

I don't think that it is a configuration problem as I didn't change anything since the last time. The plugin is configured like so:

  • Name pattern: {1}-{0}
  • Groups: (empty)
  • Type: OWNER

The only warning/error message I could find in the log related to the userrepo plugin is the one I'm attaching below.

What could be wrong?

I'm using Oracle JDK 1.7 update 9 if that's relevant.

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