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Issue #335 resolved

Limit visibilty of jira comments

created an issue

Currently the jira comment that is created by scm manager is visible to everyone. This has two downsides:

  • external customers / non-technical people can see the comment, although they probably don't understand it or we do not want them to see it.
  • The comment triggers a email notification to all watchers, also external customers.

If we limit the visibility of the comment to a specific group, this would resolve these two items.

Info about jira comments: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Commenting+on+an+Issue

Screenshot of how this works via JIRA web interface: https://confluence.atlassian.com/download/attachments/185729604/jira-4_2-restricted-comment.png?version=2&modificationDate=1284344513287&api=v2

Comments (5)

  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    I've implemented now restriction of comment visibility with project roles: 6e12e0e2. Could you please test the version 1.10-SNAPSHOT of the plugin?

    Install snapshot version of scm-jira-plugin:

    • Login in as administrator
    • Open Config->General
    • Change "Plugin Repository" parameter snapshot from false to true
    • Open Plugins
    • Install version 1.10-SNAPSHOT of scm-jira-plugin
    • Reopen Config->General
    • Change "Plugin Repository" parameter snapshot from true to false
    • Restart your applicationserver
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