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Issue #341 resolved

git repository information lacks non-master branch information

Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein
created an issue

https://scm.example.com/git/REPOSITORY will only show the latest commit information for the master, not overall every existing branches. That's confusing for those who doesn't have a look at #repositoryChangesetViewerPanel and crawl every branch manually.

UseCase: quick check if things are pushed (nevertheless which branchname was used by the developer).

related to Issue #187

Comments (3)

  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner
    • changed status to open

    A combined view for git changesets is not that easy, because git/jgit does not provide a combined view for changesets. An easy solution for this issue could be a list with branches and the latest changesets, like the following:

    - abc
    - def
    - 123
    - 456
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