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Read protection

Anonymous created an issue

Good Morning Sebastian,

Is it possible to you create a plugin similar to scm-pathwp-plugin? I need a plugin that adds read protection for repositories.

I am awaiting...

Thank you very much!!!

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Ok, now i'am confused. A read only folder is a "write protected" folder and this is possible with the pathwp plugin. Which one do you need:

    read protection:

    • A folder which can only be read by some special users

    write protection:

    • A folder which is readable by all user which have access to the repository, but is only writeable by some special users
  2. Anonymous

    I need read protection: a folder which can only be read by some special users.

    For exemplo: Path /trunk/*
    User scmuser

    Only the user scmuser have access to read that folder.


  3. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Implementation of "read protection" is very very very difficult and will only work for subversion, because git and mercurial must always clone the complete repository. It is possible that your work with a subrepository instead of a folder?

  4. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Implementing read protection in scm-manager is difficult, because of scm-manager does not only support subversion, it supports mercurial and git too. Mercurial and git does not support a partial checkout/clone.

  5. metalseargolid

    No problem, I understand. Thanks for the suggestion to use externals, I ended up splitting a dump of the repository in two, and setting the more restrictive directory as an external of the less restrictive one.

    Still hoping for this feature to be implemented down the road though :)

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