Please improve navigation features between files, changeset and repository browser

Issue #356 open
Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein created an issue

switching from /#repositoryBrowser to /#changesetPanel is only possible by:

  1. got to file browser
  2. open a file
  3. hit history
  4. hit the changeset sha1

=> you're finished after 4 clicks and several page loads ;/

typically the use case is as follow:

  1. got to file browser see a file (repoBrowser lacks last sha1 id (in the selected branch) too!)
  2. hit that "latest changeset" => you're done and happy ;)

same the way reverse if you try to get into a file from a changeset: look at a changeset

=> can't click on a filename

=> can't click on the tag or branchname on the right

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