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Issue #361 wontfix

Extended GUI for directory structure

created an issue

Is there an update planned to support deeper folder structures in the GUI like:

-- iOS
--- Development
---- 1.0

Reference to this post: https://bitbucket.org/sdorra/scm-manager/issue/47/support-for-directory-structure Thanks!

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Yes, it is possible to create a plugin (JavaScript only) which displays the repositories in a tree. But i think a tree view for the repositories would look cluttered. How deep are your repository structures that you need a tree?

  2. frank_mehlhose


    • projectEnvironmentA/
      • projectA1/
        • ios
        • windows
        • android
      • projectA2/
        • ios
        • windows
        • android

    ... Further Environments and Projects.

    I think that only 2 levels are currently desired, but more might be necessary. It's the high number of repositories with similary names and similar purpose. The TreeGrid might represent such repositories more clearly. The current overview is perceived as cluttered in this case.

    The current Repository View allows:

    • projectEnvironmentA/
      • projectA1-ios
      • projectA1-windows
      • projectA1-android
      • projectA2-ios
      • projectA2-windows
      • projectA2-android


    • projectEnvironmentA/projectA1
      • ios
      • windows
      • android
    • projectEnvironmentA/projectA2
      • ios
      • windows
      • android

    Looking into the source found I the following related files in scm-webapp: src/main/webapp/resources/js/repository/sonia.repository.js src/main/webapp/resources/js/repository/sonia.repository.grid.js src/main/webapp/resources/js/rest/sonia.rest.grid.js

    The List of Repositories seems to be retrived from http://.../scm/api/rest/repositories.json .

    But I'm not sure how a Plugin can replace the current Grid with a TreeGrid.

  3. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    This is not so easy, but possible. You have two options:

    1. Create a separate panel with a treegrid and replace the repository link
    2. Override the repository panel and use a treegrid instead of a grouping grid

    I would prefer option one, because there are many plugins, which modifies the repository grid and overriding and changing the grid could cause conflicts.

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