Conflict with multiple plugins extending the same panel

Issue #365 resolved
pankaj azad
created an issue

Navigation>Main>Repositories link on the left side of SCM manager's (1.28) page doesn't work after installation of scm-activity-plugin (1.9).

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  1. pankaj azad reporter

    here's d list scm-userrename-plugin scm-filterdviews-plugin scm-archive-plugin scm-branchwp-plugin scm-pathwp-plugin scm-statistic-plugin scm-gravatar-plugin scm-userrepo-plugin scm-activity-plugin scm-svnuser-plugin

  2. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    The problem seams to be a combination of the following plugins:

    • scm-filterdviews-plugin
    • scm-activity-plugin
    • scm-userrepo-plugin

    Uninstall one of them and the repository tab works. I will try to fix this.

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