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Issue #369 new

Unable to login after Windows 2008 patch

Andrea Quaglia
created an issue

Wednesday I've patched Windows 2008 R2 Std Italian with the suggested patches (KB2808735, KB2813170, KB2813347, KB2817183, KB2823324). After the reboot, I was unable to login as 'administrator' (xml) or 'Administrator' (activedirectory, but not present in users.xml): both of them lead me to an empty page. I was able to login as 'Andrea_q' or 'andrea_q' (activedirectory). To manage SCM I've manually renamed 'administrator' as 'manager'. It worked! I've tried also to rename (in users.xml) 'administrator' to 'Administrator' and now it works again: I can login both as 'Administrator' and 'administrator' (previously it worked only as 'administrator'). Also, 'Administrator' became of type 'Activedirectory'.

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