Unable to login after Windows 2008 patch

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Andrea Quaglia
created an issue

Wednesday I've patched Windows 2008 R2 Std Italian with the suggested patches (KB2808735, KB2813170, KB2813347, KB2817183, KB2823324). After the reboot, I was unable to login as 'administrator' (xml) or 'Administrator' (activedirectory, but not present in users.xml): both of them lead me to an empty page. I was able to login as 'Andrea_q' or 'andrea_q' (activedirectory). To manage SCM I've manually renamed 'administrator' as 'manager'. It worked! I've tried also to rename (in users.xml) 'administrator' to 'Administrator' and now it works again: I can login both as 'Administrator' and 'administrator' (previously it worked only as 'administrator'). Also, 'Administrator' became of type 'Activedirectory'.

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