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SCM Manager hooks for Mercurial

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This is more of a question as I couldn't find any documentation. Perhaps a proposal to add this in the documentation. So I have the following under the .hg\hgrc

[web] push_ssl = false allow_read = * allow_push = *

[hooks] changegroup.scm = python:scmhooks.callback pretxnchangegroup.scm = python:scmhooks.callback

In order to add automatic synchronization after a commit (to update the remote repository), the mercurial documentation indicates to add

[hooks] changegroup = hg update

to the remote repository. What do I need to add to the hooks section for the update to work in SCM Manager and not break the python callback routine?

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  1. p_b reporter

    Thanks for you prompt reply, I will be sure to use the mailing lists from now on for questions.

    On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 3:32 AM, Sebastian Sdorra <

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