server return 500 when doing push/pull

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version: 1.20 and 1.30 I cannot doing push and pull, and when doing this, the hg log output shows:

ds_gis_frontend(hard)% % hg --repository F:\work\projects\DSFire\DSFire\code\main\DS.GIS.Fire.WebSite\Scripts\lib\ds_gis_frontend incoming --quiet --bundle c:\users\shenyi\appdata\local\temp\thg.vlzuwz\http__shenyi@ http://shenyi@
HTTP错误: 500 ()
[命令返回代码255 Tue Apr 30 02:45:04 2013]

but the scm-server works ok, the web site is available. I have checked the logs in scm-home, nothing error was output... I upgrade the version 1.20 to 1.30, but the problem continues... It worked great before, but suddenly it crashed like this, maybe someone has modified the server without notice, but I cannot track the problem. Any idea? I have totally no idea how to fix the problem.

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