Mercurial Source/Commit view does not work with enabled largefile extension

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Sebastian Sebastian
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All mercurial repository operations which are using javahg do not work, if the repository uses the largefile extension. The problem seems to come from javahg. For more informations have a look at the following links.

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  1. Juan Palacios

    I'm also running into this problem. I need to enable the largefiles extension because I need my SCM Manager hosted hg repos to use it. And even though I can do it on a per-repo basis with individual hgrc files, I'd really like to avoid that and do it in a single system-wide hgrc/Mercurial.ini file (my SCM Manager instance is running on Windows Server).

    Sooner than later my largefiles extension customization is going to grow from just loading it to customizing the largefiles size threshold, auto-largefiles glob expressions, central cache path (this one is crucial because I'd like to point it to a path that is covered by a regular backup service), etc., etc., and I think it's trivial to see how incredibly error-prone it is to keep track of all those evolving settings over more than a handful of should-be-identical files.

    All in all, it shouldn't really be this hard customizing SCM Manager's Mercurial behavior through hgrc files, not just for extensions loading.

    Thanks for any help!

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